Wireless Microphone for iPhone, iPad and iPod | AirLinc App
Wireless Microphone for iPhone, iPad and iPod | AirLinc App
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The Best Wireless Microphone for
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Download AirLinc Wireless Microphone for iPhone System

Connect two iphones to Record and Monitor Audio – Wirelessly

AirLinc is the only iOS-based wireless mic system that allows videographers to remotely monitor and manage field recordings.

What it’s all about

The AirLinc wireless microphone for iPhone system is for those who, like us, know the value of great audio. We’ve built AirLinc from the ground up to fit into the pockets of those who desire high quality audio but hate renting gear and have no desire to fork out the cash on overpriced wireless audio gear. Videographers, meet AirLinc.

If they can’t listen, they won’t watch

– Pieter de Vries ACS

The AirLinc system allows you to record quality audio locally to your iPhone or iPod touch while also providing live monitoring and remote control of that audio from a paired iPhone.
Local recording means no dropouts & live monitoring means less recording mishaps. See the AirLinc tech specs for more details.


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AirLinc wireless mic solution iPhone interface

Live Monitoring & Playback

The AirLinc wireless microphone for iPhone system allows you to remotely monitor your live recording from a receiver iPhone or iPad and then play it back moments after.

Full Wireless Control

AirLinc gives full remote control over the wireless recorder iPhone/ iPod touch, allowing it to stay fitted to your on camera talent at all times.

Live Transmitter Stats

The AirLinc interface incorporates live stats of your transmitter device, allowing you to know how much battery & storage is left while on a shoot.

File Management

AirLinc makes it easy to browse & playback your recordings.

Remote Sync

Sync your recordings from the mic iPhone to the monitoring iPhone for on-shoot file backup.


We all hate it when our gear isn't trustworthy. This is why we’ve coded and tested AirLinc with stability as the number one priority.


Compatible with TRRS lav mic’s such as Rode SmartLav+ ©, or using a TRRS adaptor

Intuitive Interface

The AirLinc interface has been designed for maximum ease of use, ensuring smooth operation in mission critical situations.

We’re working on the next exciting release!

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