AirLinc Setup Guide | AirLinc App
AirLinc Setup Guide | AirLinc App
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AirLinc Setup Guide

AirLinc Setup Guide

What is AirLinc?

AirLinc is a wireless mic app for iPhone & iPod touch that makes recording wireless audio more convenient and affordable than ever.

No more cable clutter to tie you down. Use AirLinc with a lavalier mic and it’s perfect for use as a wearable mic. This gives your on-screen talent full mobility while you maintain complete control over your audio.

How to use AirLinc

1. Install AirLinc on two devices running iOS8 or higher. A Lite version of AirLinc with a 30 second recording limit can be easily downloaded for free on the Apple App Store. To unlock unrestricted recording at least one device in your AirLinc session must be running the full version of AirLinc. You can access the full version via an in-app purchase or by participating in our beta testing program.




2. Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi router or have them share a personal hotspot.




3. Activate ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode to avoid calls interrupting your recording session.





4. Launch AirLinc and select a mode for each device. Select ‘Microphone’ mode on the device connected to your microphone & ‘Receiver’ mode on the device you will use to remotely control and monitor your session.


5. Choose a name for the microphone and the recording session and press continue.


6. Initiate a recording session on your receiver device by selecting the name of your microphone device in the connection lobby.




7. Using your receiver device, you can now wirelessly:

  • monitor a live audio stream from your microphone device
  • remotely adjust the audio gain
  • start & stop recording
  • view the battery and storage status of your microphone device


 Step 7 AirLinc Wireless Mic App for Apple iOS


8. When recording is triggered, all files are recorded straight to the microphone device so signal dropouts won’t affect your recordings. To sync your recorded files to your receiver device, simply swipe right to the files screen and press the ‘sync files’ button.


AirLinc WiFi Mic for iPhone - Step-8


9. To listen to your audio file, tap the filename and press play. To delete files, simply swipe left on the filename and press delete.


Wireless Mic iPhone App - Step 9


10. Swipe left to access the settings screen. Here you can adjust how your audio is streamed for monitoring or end the session when you’re finished recording.


AirLinc Wireless Mic Settings Screen - Step 10


11. You can view recordings from your previous sessions by clicking on the ‘files’ tab on the main menu.


Wireless Mic Recordings - Step-11


12. To transfer your files, you can share a file or a whole session by swiping the file/session in the AirLinc app to the left, and clicking the “Share” button. This will bring up all your typical sharing options – iMessage, AirDrop, email, Google Drive and so on!




13. You can also transfer your files using iTunes. To do this, tether your iOS device to your computer, and access your files under ‘File Sharing’ at the bottom of the ‘Apps’ tab in iTunes.


Airlinc Wireless Mic File Transfer - Step 12

Thanks for downloading AirLinc. We hope you enjoy using AirLinc on your next shoot.