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Connect Multiple iPhones to Record and Monitor Audio – Wirelessly

We love using iOS devices as portable field recorders on our video production gigs. AirLinc builds upon the impressive recording capabilities of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad by allowing you to remotely monitor and control your recording using a second, paired iOS device.

No more reaching into you talents pocket to trigger recordings or to adjust audio gain. No more blindly hoping that background noise isn't ruining your recording. Enjoy the features of a professional workflow that will save time on set and allow you to record with confidence.

AirLinc Features

TX / Recorders

RX / Receiver

diagram of multiple iphones connected with airlinc
  • Wirelessly monitor & control multiple slave devices
  • Record uncompressed audio at 48 KHz in 24 bit integer
  • Sync files instantly to your master device
  • Up to 350m line of sight range over Wi-Fi & personal hotspot
  • Compadable with external mics (TRRS / Lightning)
  • File sharing options (Dropbox, Airdrop, email, iMessage etc)


Free trial

Try all AirLinc has to offer for up to 5 minutes per day, after which a 10 second recording limit and streaming watermark applies.



Unlock unlimited recording via the In-App Purchase on one device, and any devices paired in your session will also be fully unrestricted.

USD 15.99/yr